Main offers
[TEST] Caesar salad with chicken
Slow roast chicken breast
Fresh romaine lettuce
Homemade caesar dressing
Crispy white bread croutons
Garnished with cherry tomatoes
Beef bresaola and shaved parmesan
traditional italian round semolina "puccia" bun
Filled with thinly sliced cured beef "Breasola"
Baby rocket leaves
Shaved parmesan
Caesar dressing
Italian chicken
Red pepper pesto
Marinated grilled chicken breast
Edam cheese
Kalamata olives
Baby rocket fresh herbs
Turkey hаm and cheese
Soft tortilla
Smoked turkey ham
Gouda cheese
Mixed baby lettuce
Mustard mayo
Lasagna bolognese
Hearty slow braised bolognese style beef
infused with mediterranean herbs, carrots, garlic
celery layered & oven baked with traditional pasta sheets, creamy bechamel, mozarella&parmesan cheese
Roasted BBQ chicken breast with spinach polenta
Sautéed diced chicken breast
Home-made BBQ sauce
Cherry tomato
Soft italian style polenta with fresh thyme
Nachos with cheese sauce
Freshly fried corn tortilla chips
Mexican cheddar cheese sauce dip